Forrest General's Police Department seeking re-accreditation

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Forrest General's Police Department is seeking re-accreditation by the Mississippi Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission.

Director of the Forrest General Police Department Wayne Landers says, "It shows that we are committed to being professional to do things right."

Accredited agencies are reviewed every three years and  Police Director Landers says they leave no stone unturned, "Probably 300 or so polices included in that. It looks at professionally how we do things to see that we're in compliance with accepted procedures."

The MSLEAC is recognized by the National Commission for Law Enforcement Agencies which is a big name in police policy and practice.

"It has demonstrated throughout the nation that agencies that are accredited reduce their liabilities in frivolous law suits," says MSLEAC Manager Bob Morgan.

The protection this gives the department is due to transparency. If a police department will turn over all their files and policies to an outside grading agency then they shouldn't have anything to hide.

It also has a big benefit for individual officers, "Trying to get everything where all of our guys have the same training the same equipment," Landers said. Morgan also feels the program benefits officers.

"The officers understand once they get involved with the accreditation process that everything is handled equally . They don't have to worry about the "good ole boy" system or things that used to be in the past. They know that the policies and procedures, personnel actions, everything is done in a uniform manner."

There are only 16 accredited law enforcement agencies in the state out of 250 police departments and 82 sheriffs departments.

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