Tips to make reuniting lost pets with owners easier

This past New Years Eve many dogs in the area turned up missing from their homes.

Many of the missing dogs can be attributed to the setting off of fireworks. A fear of fireworks is a common phobia for dogs. They find the loud noises and bright lights frightening.

Once they run off, it is difficult for many to find their way home. Katherine Sammons, Asst. Mgr. at the Southern Pines Animal Shelter, says they typically get a huge influx of animals after New Years and Fourth of July Celebrations.

Sammons says there are things that a pet owner can do to make it easier for them to be reunited with their pet. The first thing she says is to make sure your pet have a collar and tag and write the pets name and owner contact information on the collar. Equally important she says to have your pet implanted with a micro chip.

"I would not go with a micro chip alone because if someone sees your animal on the side of the road and it doesn't have a collar and tag they may think it's just a stray and won't pick it up," said Sammons. "If you do all three of those things you are almost guaranteed to have your pet returned to you."

Getting a micro chip implanted in your pet is a simple procedure that takes just seconds. The Southern Pines Animal Shelter Spay Neuter Clinic on Hardy Street does the procedure Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The cost is just $15. Micro chips are also available at many local veterinarians.

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