WDAM Viewpoint- Another fine mess

If you count all branches of the Federal Government there are 545 people making policy that vitally affects the lives of 311-million Americans.  How many of them and how many of us even know all the implications of the compromises that took place over the financial cliff or the 2000 page national health care plan that goes into effect this year.  How many of them voted in the best interests of the people and not their party or even the ones that elect them?   If you don't think politicians of all stripes can be deceptive, best-selling author Andy Andrews has a simple test.  Have you ever heard a politician say they were not for a balanced budget?  Yet, we certainly don't have a balanced budget.  Have you ever met a politician who was for a complicated hard to understand tax code.  No.  Yet we certainly have one.  How many more fiscal cliffs will we face this year and what will be the affect on you and me?  Who knows…but it makes me awfully nervous to think our fate rests in the hands of 545 people who were elected by an ashamedly small percentage of voters.  In every federal election in the past 25 years 100-million registered voters didn't even bother to vote.  Of those who did…one wonders how many were well informed about the character of the candidates and their stand on the real issues of the day.  This is where apathy gets you.  America had better wake up and start holding leaders accountable or truly our days will be numbered as a great power.

I'm Jim Cameron.  Write and let us know what you think.