Keeping your pets safe in cold weather

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Contrary to what some people believe, extreme cold temperatures can be dangerous for your pets.

When temperatures fall below freezing experts say that all pets should be brought indoors. If that is not possible the next best thing is to have an igloo style doghouse or some kind of sturdy structure lined with hay or a blanket.

There are many people with feral cats on their property who just can't be brought in, however there are things you can do to protect them from the cold.

"One good thing to do to protect feral cats in your community during the winter is to buy plastic tubs with lids and put hay in them," said Katherine Sammons, Southern Pines Animal Shelter Assistant Manager. "Cut a hole in the side of the tub to allow access for them to get in and out."

Domestic cats should never be left out when temperatures fall below freezing.

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