WDAM Viewpoint- New Years Attitude

This is the time of year we all make New Year's resolutions…and we have a choice:  Faith or Fear.  Fear believes in a negative future.  Faith believes in a positive future.  So we have to make a choice…and the choice we make well determine our belief about the future and the attitude and actions we bring to the present.  There is too much fear in the minds of far too many.  This is causing leaders and their organizations to either act irrationally—or to not act at all.  The answer is the positive road paved with faith and a belief that your best days are not behind you…but ahead of you.  You stay calm, focused, and committed to your vision and purpose.  You look for ways to save money and cut costs without making irrational, fear-based decisions that sacrifices your future success.  You identify opportunities in the midst of the challenges and you focus on solutions instead of problems.  Your faith and belief in a positive future leads to powerful actions today.  So…Fear, or Faith?  The choice is yours.

I'm Jim Cameron and, as always, we'd like to hear from you.