WDAM Viewpoint- Safe, Sober, and Focused New Year

You have probably seen the Project Roadblock spots on WDAM, as well as other stations…urging you not to drink and drive.  This time of year is infamous for people having parties to welcome in the New Year.  Unfortunately, all too often drinking and driving goes along with that and sometime traffic fatalities and accidents occur.  Remember, law enforcement will be out in full force and if you are caught it could cost you a lot of money and the loss of your driver's license….even jail time depending on the circumstances.  That's not the way anyone wants to ring in the New Year.  So if you must indulge…be sure and have someone else drive.  Don't drive drunk.  Don't drive stoned.  Don't drive buzzed.  For that matter…don't drive and text either.  Be safe and have a happy New Year.

I'm Jim Cameron and we always want to hear from you.