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Fitness experts weigh in on sticking to resolutions

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At the start of each year, millions of Americans set a similar goal: shed those unwanted holiday pounds and get that perfect physique.

"We see a similar trend every year. I think we all see the same holiday weight gain. In fact, the average American gains five to seven pounds over the course of the holiday season," trainer and fitness expert Andrew Zornes said.

With that kind of weight gain, its understandable that so many people enter the new year with the same idea. In fact, weight loss is the number one resolution among Americans. All too often however, people set that goal without seeing it through.

"I think people have to have a very practical and specific goal. A lot of people have a general idea in mind of what they want to do, but they never sit down and really crystallize those goals. I encourage people, instead of just feeling like they've got to lose a lot of weight, say, 'Hey I want to lose about 10 pounds.' Start with that and be really specific about it," Zornes said.

It's also recommended to come up with a specific plan for exercising. Mapping out exactly what you want to do will give you the stability you'll need to stay on track.

Also, if your resolution seems be history repeating itself, try something different.

"Think of something that you enjoy doing. Whether it's tennis, or getting into jogging, or swimming. An activity like that, something you enjoy doing and that you're going to stick with. We always like to refer to it a lifestyle change. It's really required to get in the kind of fitness shape that you'd like."

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