Deal-seeking shoppers crowd Turtle Creek Mall for day after Christmas sales

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Just like Black Friday, the day after Christmas is typically one of the biggest shopping days of the week.

Although Christmas may be over, stores were definitely filled with deal-seeking shoppers on Wednesday.

"We do the Black Friday and then we do the after Christmas because you can't catch deals like this," said shopper Ginger Stogner.

Turtle Creek Mall was one place to catch a lot of good Christmas sales this year.

"Charlotte Russe has good sales, they have buy one get one fifty percent off," said shopper Taylor Simpson.

Though along with the great deals also came the big crowds.

"I took off work today, I was thinking everybody else was going to be at home," said shopper Shannon Lott. "I was hoping I would run in and run out, but it wasn't like that."

While the day after Christmas is very popular, many stores keep the sales going for an entire week.

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