Five malnourished horses seized in Stone County

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Sheriff's deputies from Stone County along with Trails End Horse Haven of Petal and the Humane Society of the United States went to the home of Ricky Edwards on Joshua Lane in McHenry Thursday afternoon with an order of seizure for five malnourished horses.

The condition of the horses came to the attention of the sheriff's department after receiving several complaints from other residents in the area.

"We first came down and investigated there was no hay or food of any type," said Phyllis Olds, Chief Deputy, Stone County Sheriff's Department. "The animals were eating the bark of the trees and their ribs were showing. The animals were very very bad."

The horses were taken back to the Hattiesburg area where they will be examined and treated by a  vet. Dori Thompson, founder of Trails End Horse Haven said three of them were in serious shape and two may be in foal.

"We've got the old gray horse who is probably 600 to 700 pounds under weight," said Thompson. "He's going to take three to four months of rehabilitation with a re-feeding program to get back where he needs to be."

The horses will stay in the care of Trails End and the Hub City Humane Society until they are healthy enough to go into foster care. The Humane Society of the United States donated $1000 toward the cost of getting them back to health. All the other money they will need for the care of the horses must come from donations.

"We are non-profit and we do have a new property that we are trying to get together with Dr. Brenda Sumrall and the Hub City Humane Society," said Thompson. "Any donations we can get are certainly appreciated because it cost $200 to $300 a horse just for the preliminary vet care."

Anyone wishing to donate can call the Hub City Humane Society at 601-268-1157 and tell them the donations is for Trails End Horse Haven.

A decision on whether to bring charges against the horses owner will be made after they are examined by the vet.

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