Owner: Columbia wolf escaped over a month ago

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Tuesday police took a report of a wolf that had escaped from a home in Columbia. Thursday the wolf's owner spoke with Seven on Your Side, but asked not to be identified publicly.

Since the story broke, many have asked if it's a real wolf, half wolf, or just a husky?

"Her father is one particular breed of wolf while her mother is a different breed of wolf," says the wolfs owner. "But they both are full blooded wolves."

Until now, the wolf, named Lightning, has never lived in the wild. The same can be said for its recent lineage.

"Her parents came from captivity, her parent's parents came from captivity, and I'm pretty sure it goes back a pretty good ways"

Although the initial report to police came on Tuesday, she's been missing for a lot longer.

"Its been a month and a half at least that she's been gone… and up until all these rumors going around about people seeing her I had thought the worst."

Since Lightning's story was made public, sightings have been called in from Highway 44, 15 miles northeast of Columbia, Highway 98 near the Pearl River, and the middle of Broad Street close to downtown.

Lightning's owner also wanted to clear the record about her escape.

"She didn't bust out the window. She didn't run and sprint charge through the glass. She got out through plastic by the air conditioner."

All an all, the owner says she's just like any other pet and there is nothing to fear from her.

"She never showed any signs of turning. She's a really sweet dog. The kids could pet her, she never barked at anybody… ever"

Despite how long she's been gone, and that none of the sightings have been confirmed, the owner only wants what's best for Lightning, who he's loved since she was a pup.

"If she is in fact still alive, I would like to see her transferred to a zoo or some wild life reserve somewhere just so she can live out the rest of her life happily"

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