Police: Wolf on the loose in Columbia

Actual picture of the missing wolf
Actual picture of the missing wolf

Police in Columbia are on the hunt for a real wolf said to be roaming just north of town. The owner of the animal says she can be aggressive and shouldn't be approached.

The Columbia police took a call Tuesday from a man that said he owned a mature, full breed wolf and it had escaped his home by jumping through a glass window.

The man says he's had the animal since it was a puppy but says she-wolf has gotten aggressive with him before.  The animal was last seen near the home where it escaped on Hawkins Avenue, across the train tracks just north of town.

Authorities say the wolf seems shy of people, but may be a threat to pets in the area.

"If anyone was to see that animal or see anything that looks like that animal just pick up the phone and call 9-11", says Richard Pack with the Columbia Police Department. "Don't try to make any contact with it and don't try and take the law into your own hands and try to capture it. Just call the Columbia police department"

Officers went out to the north Hawkins area of Columbia Tuesday afternoon, but were unable to locate the wolf.

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