WDAM Viewpoint- Pearl Harbor Anniversary

It was another perfect day in paradise back in 1941.  Some, mostly officers, were enjoying a leisurely game of golf.  Others, in their starched uniforms, were singing Christmas hymns at the base chapel.  Still others were sleeping in after a rowdy night spent enjoying the Polynesian delights available near the Navy base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii…where a large percentage of America's massive ships of war where anchored in dock.  They appeared out of the sun…at first tiny specks.  Why were the flyboys doing maneuvers…no notice had been sent out?  Then, before anyone could even recognize the big red rising Sun painted on the sides of the low flying planes swarming like bees…Paradise began to explode and erupt in the flames of Hell.  Imperial Japan had attacked the United States.  Before they were done the inferno they unleashed had killed some 3000 American servicemen.  The carnage was a harbinger of things to come as The United States was forced into World War II with Germany and Italy joining with their Axis partners in a quest for world domination.  President Franklin Roosevelt took to their air waves before congress to declare December 7, 1941 as a day that would live in infamy.  "Remember Pearl Harbor" became a battle cry.  It is one that we should never forget…not unlike the attack on the Twin Towers on nine-eleven.  The price of liberty is high.  Being ever vigilant is a necessity.  Our armed forces are to be treasured and supported.  Our veterans honored.

I'm Jim Cameron.  Let us know what you think.