Downtown Hattiesburg kicks off the Victorian Candlelit Christmas

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Right now, Downtown Hattiesburg residents are hanging wreaths, stringing lights and adding mistletoes. Finishing touches, for the 37th Annual Victorian Candlelit Christmas.

For decades, the Historic Hattiesburg Downtown Association and the Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood Association have created a visual feast using thousands of lights, luminaries and a touch of Christmas past.

President of the Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood Association, Andrea Saffle says one attraction to this weekend's candlelit Christmas is more of a blast from the past.

"We are doing horse drawn carriage rides. It's a horse drawn wagon. We also have a horse drawn trolley," said Saffle.

From the wagons, people get to see illuminated homes, and if you prefer to walk you'll have a guiding light with every step through the neighborhood.

"We are putting up 15,000 luminaries. So, every side walk in the neighborhood is lit. All the roundabouts, the parking lot, the high school, the Sacred Heart High School on West Pine will be lit up," said Saffle.

If you ever wondered what some of the grand downtown homes look like on this inside the candlelit Christmas homes tour is your chance to find out.

"One of the great houses we got open here is on Short Bay Street. It's called Great Oaks. It's one of the oldest houses in Hattiesburg's historic neighborhood. One of the cottages. One of the smaller cottages just down the street here on Rebecca Avenue that will be open," said Saffle.

Saffle encourages families to come out this weekend to make a few Christmas memories and take part in a treasure that has help revitalized downtown Hattiesburg.

Click on the link below for times, ticket prices and events for Saturday and Sunday's 37th Annual Victorian Candlelit Christmas.