Forrest County Supervisors deciding what to do with old jail

The Forrest County Supervisors have two bids on the table concerning the old jail facility.

One bid is for possible sale of the building;ding and the other is for the demolition of the building. At this Thursdays meeting the bids will be opened to see which is more feasible for the county.

Board President David Hogan says the board has not made a decision as of yet on what is going to happen to the building.

"We want to get all the cards on the table and see what options we have," said Hogan. "We have to see how much it will cost to tear it down or how much someone is willing to give us for it. Then we will do some cost runs on repairing or modifying portions of the building."

If the county decides to demolish the building Hogan says it could be used for green space or possibly a parking lot.

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