New study shows global warming will likely drown New Orleans, others

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WDAM) - A new study published in the journal Science confirms that polar ice is shrinking far more rapidly than previously predicted, and scientists warn that the results show global warming is a real and present danger to low-lying cities.

The scientists behind the study say that the results show within 100 years sea levels will rise by at least 11 inches but could easily rise by as much as 3 feet. That would spell disaster for cities like New Orleans and New York. In all, ten percent of human beings live in a region that would be underwater should these estimates prove true.

The study was conducted by an international team of 47 experts in 26 laboratories over the course of 20 years and compiled results from 30 other studies and 50 separate measuring groups across the globe. It combines a multitude of methods as well, including "satellite altimetry, interferometry, and gravimetry," making it one of the most comprehensive and accurate assessments of the effects of climate change on the polar ice ever conducted.

The study shows that ice melting in Antarctica and Greenland since 1992 has already caused one-fifth of the total rise in sea levels across the planet. That melting, according to the study, is accelerating to the point that melting ice in those regions currently contributes one-third of total sea rise. In total, Greenland has shed 2.9 trillion tons of ice and Antarctica 1.3 trillion.