Covington County woman murdered inside her home by boyfriend

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - "It was all just a tragic circumstance that nobody can understand," said Jason Lott.

Thirty-three-year-old Jason Lott still can't believe that his caregiver, his best friend, his mother was just murdered by her boyfriend of nine years a few hours ago.

After caring for her son Jason, who has cerebral palsy, 55-year-old Blanche Lott then left to see her boyfriend who lived a mile away. Before leaving she made sure to tell Jason to call her once he woke up.

"I called her when I woke up about 3:30 p.m., and I said momma I'm up, and she said I'll be there in a minute, and the minute never came," said Jason.

As the Saturday went by Jason kept calling his mother and boyfriends phones, but no one would answer. Beginning to get worried Jason then had a neighbor drive him down the street to Covington County Constable Billy Pitts house for help.

Jason then had the constable drive him down the street to Tower Rd. to his mother's childhood home where her boyfriend had been staying.

"He went in and he found her murdered, rolled up in a comforter, multiple gunshot wounds to the chest," said Jason.

According to Jason, his mother's boyfriend had already left in his mother's car and drove to his hometown Edenberge, Texas where he then committed suicide Sunday morning in front of his parent's grave.

"It was such a selfish act on his part," said Jason.

Jason will never know exactly why his mother was murdered, but he does know his mother would have done anything to save her life just to be with him.

"My mother was the sweetest, kindness, most polite, helpful, beautiful woman anybody would ever want to meet," said Jason. "She would do anything for anybody, it don't matter what they needed, momma would do it for them. I know that God had it planned that I would be her child and she would raise me and make me into a strong, kind, man."

Blanche Lott's body has been sent to Jackson for an autopsy. No one on Sunday from the Covington County Sheriff's Department could comment on the murder.

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