WDAM Viewpoint- USM needs an image makeover

With the announcement of the firing of first year USM head football coach Ellis Johnson after posting a winless 0 and 12 season. It's time for the university community and supporters to come together in unity.

Johnson's firing—while unfortunate –was pretty much a necessity.  However, with three years left on his contract at a price tag of over $700 thousand a year added to the money it will take to hire another head coach plus some possible assistant coach buy outs when a new head coach is hired, and you are talking about a lot of coin. Especially for a program already operating in the red.  Couple that with the fact that Conference USA took a blow today with the announcement that both Tulane and East Carolina are headed for the door to join the Big East Conference and the football program at Southern Miss has a boatload of woe.  This after last year's first ever 12 win season.

Then the sudden departure earlier this year of Dr. Martha Saunders and long time athletic director Richard Giannni and our image looks even gloomier.   Let's hope and strive for the Southern Miss community and supporters to come together in unity.  If USM has ever needed to rehabilitate  the football program it's now, and the fans and supporters play a big role in that task.

I'm Jim Cameron.  Let us hear what you think.