Where are they now? Parents continue child's legacy after killed coming off school bus


December 11, 2009, school had just let out and 5-year-old Nathan Key was getting on the school bus to head home. As the bus arrived to his house, Nathan along with his older brother and sister got off the bus.


While crossing the street, one impatient man decided to pass up the unloading school bus and by doing so ended up hitting Nathan.


The 5-year-old was quickly rushed to South Central Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.


"I remember dropping to my knees beside the bed and praying like I've never prayed before that God would take me and bring Nathan back," said Nathan's father Andy Key.


Thanks to witnesses, the man who had killed Nathan and escaped the scene, 23-year-old Dominic Gebben, was arrested and sentenced to 22 years in jail.


"One of these days Gods going to give me enough strength to actually continue to forgive him for a while, but yeah I've tried hard and so far I can't," said Andy. "I don't think he ever felt bad that he killed my son."


Over the period of time, Lori and Andy Key recognized that there was a major issue nationwide with penalties and fines for people who passed school busses, so they took it upon themselves to create Nathan's Law. After approximately two years in the legislative session, in July 2011 Nathan's Law was passed.


"This is what I'm now to do, and through this not a memory of Nathan, but this is Nathan's legacy," said Nathan's mother Lori Key.


After approximately three years Lori and Andy continue to help other parents avoid what happened to their child, and are working everyday to keep Nathan's legacy alive.


"I constantly am reminded as I'm in town and I look to make sure all my children are beside me, I'm always reminded that I've got one that's not there," said Lori.


To learn more about Nathan's Legacy Foundation click HERE.


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