Perry County warns of FBI phone scam

PERRY COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Perry County Sheriff's Department is alerting residents about a phone scam coming from someone claiming to be an FBI agent.

Sheriff Jimmy Dale Smith says they received a complaint from an elderly woman about the scam. She claimed the caller told her that unless she sent them $40,000 she would be arrested for purchasing illegal drugs through the mail from overseas. The caller told her that unless they got the money she would be extradited to New York and then sent to Guatemala for prosecution. She was also told that if she contacted local law enforcement she would be extradited sooner.

Smith says he believes the calls are coming from outside the United States.

"If someone receives one of these calls your local law enforcement," said Smith. "Do not talk to them in any shape, fashion, or form."

Smith also says other law enforcement agencies in the area have received similar complaints from residents and are also investigating.

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