Jasper County murder suspect captured

JASPER COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A murder suspect arrested in Texas is fighting her surrender to Jasper County authorities.

J.L. Tatum, 68, of Jasper County was found shot to death in his camper trailer Sunday afternoon in his camper trailer on County Road 7, southwest of Stringer. Authorities believe Tatum was shot by his girlfriend, Nancy Faye Yacobucchi, who stole his car and headed west.

Authorities say the suspect and victim were acquaintances and may have met two months earlier when Tatum was working on a pipeline in Colorado.

Authorities have no motive for the shooting.

A Fanin County, Texas, deputy sheriff spotted the abandoned car on the side of the road north of Dallas about 4 a.m. The woman was found walking down the highway about a mile from the car. She was in possession of a gun.

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