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iPhone case for self-defense

If you're facing a true emergency, it's not likely a traditional weapon would be at your fingertips. But what if something handy could double as a weapon?

In the instant Seth Froom was robbed at gunpoint at the front door of his house, an idea was hatched. "I thought about the moment of exchange when he demanded that I hand him my cell phone."

As he stared trauma in the face, he felt compelled to find a way to turn the tables. If only there was a logical, unsuspecting counterattack.

Painful, debilitating electric shock stun gun technology gave him the answer, by combining it with the one thing always at hand - his smartphone.

Froom says, "The only item usually within arms reach of you is your smart phone, so in a true emergency situation, this is designed to protect you."

Seth and his business partner Sean Simone brainstormed to make a cell phone case, which most people have anyway, but with the protection built in.

Simone says their Yellow Jacket case is a prime example of what's known as disruptive technology. "It's when you take two things that weren't previously related before and mash ‘em together and say – hey this is normal now."

To find out more about the Yellow Jacket, visit their website.

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