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Workout program uses baby as weight

When Missy Isom gave birth to her daughter, she dreaded going to fitness classes and leaving her baby. So the fitness guru came up with an idea to workout with her baby.

That's when Moms Evolution was born. 

"It was very important for me to bond with my daughter when she was first born. So that's how I developed Moms Evolution where we can have a workout and have that bonding time," Isom said.

She moved into Cornelius-based Kadi-Fit and started a program where mothers are encouraged to come and bring their babies to use in the workout routine. We found Lisa Donnellan at Monday's class with her 3-month-old daughter Emma Grace.

"It's all Moms so they all understand if your baby starts crying. They don't care what you look like when you get here and they lend a hand and it's so great to be able to work out with my baby," said Donnellan.

Mothers are encouraged to use their babies as weights as they lay on their backs and do what's compared to a bench press with the baby as the weight.

The program is designed not only to help mothers stay fit, but to encourage a place where moms can be around other moms as a support system. Isom says the program is heading into its second year and is more successful that ever.

Experts say exercising soon after child-birth can help curb issues with post-partum depression.

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