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Mississippi GOP disappointed with national results


Mississippi's republican leadership woke up Wednesday morning to the same headlines they read as they went to sleep.  Barack Obama won a second term in the Oval Office.

"Disappointed is I guess the word to use from a national standpoint," Brandon Payne said on Good Morning Mississippi.  Payne is the new executive director of the Mississippi Republican Party.  "The republicans carried the house.  So, I expect the next four years to be much like the last four, which for me is unfortunate.  But life goes on.  And I'm confident that the republican party has a bright future."

Mississippi republicans did quite well on Tuesday night.  Their incumbent senator was re-elected.  So were the three incumbent Congressman on ballots around the state.  "Although we're disappointed from a national level, I think we have some success to look to," Payne said.

Fourth District Congressman Steven Palazzo easily won his first re-election bid.  Palazzo started his day with an appearance on Good Morning Mississippi.  "We've got some serious issues facing our country, and we've got to go up there and work together," Palazzo told GMM anchor Rhonda Weidner. 

According to the exit polling done in Mississippi on election day, a sizeable share of voters said they think their financial situation is worse now than it was four years ago. Smaller shares said their financial situation is about the same or better.

"The president has a record of not working with Congress, not listening to the American people," Palazzo noted.  "I'm hoping in his second term, he has a change of heart."

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