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Early election problems prove minor

Long lines of voters started forming throughout precincts in Hinds County before polls opened at 7 Tuesday morning. Several polling places started Election Day with some early morning problems.

Fire Station 26 on Flag Chapel Road in Jackson, also known as precinct 85, is one of the largest precincts in Hinds County. Some issues popped up here early this morning before the polls even opened up.

Precinct manager Charity Cannon said a switch-up with the voting machine keys caused some temporary problems.

"It was a mix up on the keys," Cannon said. "Precinct 86 keys was in my box."

The keys to open up voting machines at precinct 85 were at precinct 86, and vice versa.

"So we did paper ballots to try to save some time," Cannon said. 

There were also some issues at precinct 37, located at Boyd Elementary School. One of the three machines was down when doors opened, causing a few people to use paper ballots.

Bear Atwood, the legal director for the ACLU of Mississippi, says her organization is working with the NAACP and other non-profits to resolve any issues that occur.

"We'll be on our hotlines and helping people resolve problems," said Atwood. "If we need to we'll send a lawyer to resolve a problem at the polls."

Potential concerns didn't stop voters from showing up before 7 a.m. to exercise their American freedom.

"We have a voice and we have a say in what happens in this country and we have to take responsibility for that," Stephanie Bundle said.

"They don't have the freedom in other countries we do as Americans and that's part of our duty as citizens of the us to vote," Ricky Haynes said.

"People died, you know, and lost their life so we could be able to vote," Deborah Hawkins said.

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