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WDAM Viewpoint- Of...For...By the People

I'm sure you are as ready as I am for this election season to be over…and it is about to be.   Today it comes to a close.  It seems like it has been going on since the last presidential race…and, in some ways, it has.  The two candidates for president are each spending roughly one-billion dollars each on their campaigns.  Mississippi doesn't see a lot of it because we only have six electoral votes.  But we do hear a lot of screams, hollering and arguing on all the radio and television talk shows.  But that's OK.  After all this is a Democratic Republic and robust debate and discussion of the issues is essential.  It is all the half truths, slander and negativity that people grow so weary of.  Nevertheless, this is our American system for choosing our leaders and we will soon be celebrating Veteran's Day in honor of those who have served in our armed forces to preserve our freedom to choose a government as Abraham Lincoln put it, "of the people, by the people and for the people".  We have a sacred duty to get out and vote.  Shame on those who can and don't. 

I'm Jim Cameron…let us know what you think.

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