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WDAM Viewpoint- Nation united when it counts

Listening to all the partisan political arguing, fussing and name-calling as we near Election Day one is tempted to say that we are a nation divided.  We've even expressed that sentiment on Viewpoint.  However, as devastating as the monster storm Sandy that struck the Northeastern portion of our nation has been—it has been heartwarming to see the way the rest of the nation has pitched in to help.  Here in Mississippi the electric power companies have sent hundreds of workers to help out.  The local Red Cross chapters have rushed to the aid of those in need with volunteers and necessities.  Churches, Synagogues and civic organizations of all types have had food and fund-raising drives and people have given generously to help their fellow Americans.  All proving that which unites us is much greater than that which divides us when the chips are down.  We are all Americans and this proves we are still family.  As long as that attitude prevails through thick and thin…we will be alright perhaps even in spite of the foibles of some of our political leaders…and frankly with the help of the better ones. 

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