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WDAM Viewpoint- Halloween Safety

Halloween, Fall Festival, regardless of what you choose to call it…there will be a lot of kids on the streets and roads tonight for trick or treat.  What Seven on Your Side wants to stress is safety and responsibility.  For those doing the trick or treating, be sure to wear something reflective on your costume.  You can be creative and still have reflective pieces integrated into your costumes.  Parents…please make sure your children do.  Dusk is the most difficult time visually.  Combine that with people driving home with a lot on their minds after a long day at work, it is only common sense to have your ghost, goblin or historical character to have something on that reflects light back at the drivers as they dart back and forth across the streets.  Inspect what is in your young one's treat bag before letting them tear in and starting to wolf down the goodies.  As hard as it is to comprehend there are still those out there who would do harm to the innocent by giving them things that are dangerous.  So—have fun and keep the night free of tragedy and full of safety with a few simple common sense practices. 

I'm Jim Cameron.  And remember, we always want to know what's on your mind.

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