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New video shows Gumball Bandit still hard at work

Authorities released new video on Thursday of the so called "Gumball Bandit."

New information shows the thief is not only robbing the candy machine owner of his livelihood, but is also stealing from children's charities.

Columbia Police Chief Clint McMurry says, "We have some video...surveillance from a Ramey's in Lumberton that shows the individual."

With the Gumball bandit still at it, the Columbia Police Department released video Thursday to help candy machine owners out of this sticky situation.

"He's breaking into these gum ball machines. He has a key and its a master key that he's using to take the money out of these gum ball machines," McMurry says.

The middle-aged white male keeps the is hitting businesses from the Gulf Coast to Columbia, with reports of thefts in Gulfport, Picayune, Purvis, Lumberton, and Columbia. 

McMurry says, "These Gumball machines are owned by an individual, and that's how he makes his living by servicing these Gumball machines."

The blue machines also bear the mark of the Lion's Club. So the man who is robbing the change out of these machines is also stealing from Lion's Club Charities. McMurry says, "They raise money for the children... the needy children, so when he's taking money out of these machines he's literally taking money from the needy children."

Employees at the Piggly Wiggly in Columbia say there are a few ways to pick up on the thief's activities:

1. He doesn't carry in new candy or a change counter.

2. He hits the candy machines at peak hours usually on Fridays.

3. He doesn't present management with an invoice for the money he takes.

"He's driving a white, Nissan SUV,possibly an Exterra. Has a black trim down the side of it and a luggage rack. He's also always, so far he's had a blue duffle bag with him," McMurry says.

Also, the "Gumball Bandit" has worn a dark, New Orleans Saints shirt in all surveillance videos. Chief McMurry says, "We want the store owners to be on the lookout for this guy. On something like this if they recognize him and think that's him it would not be inappropriate to call 911".

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