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WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Toddler's finger bitten, broken at daycare, another toddler suspected

Wednesday afternoon, Lakrisha Barnes received a phone call telling her that her 1-year-old daughter was at Forrest General Hospital. When Lakrisha Barnes arrived, doctors told her that her daughter had been bit on one of her fingers by another toddler at the daycare.

Therah's Daycare and Preschool is where Barnes drops off her two daughters every morning right before she heads to work. Taking her daughters to Thera's since August, Barnes only thought of the incident as an accident.

It wasn't until Barnes went to pick up her oldest daughter from the daycare that she thought maybe her 1-year-old wasn't bitten by another toddler. Barnes 3-year-old daughter kept talking to her about a dog and saying a dog at Thera's house had bitten her younger sister's finger.

By listening to her oldest, Barnes now believes that there was no way another toddler could have broken her daughters finger and caused it suffer as much damage as it did.

Therah, owner of Therah's Daycare and Preschool, says while she was looking down reading to the toddlers she heard a loud scream, and when she looked up she had seen a toddler biting on Barnes daughters finger.

Therah says she doesn't own a dog, and would never take any of the children out of daycare with her.

As for Barnes, she filed a report and says the Hattiesburg Police Department is investigating the case and her daughters will never return back to Thera's Daycare and Preschool.

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