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Production of a motion picture coming to Hattiesburg


ViSITHATTIESBURG hosted its 11th Annual Tourism Summit at the Lake Terrace Convention Center Wednesday.

Featured keynote speaker Miles Doleac spoke on his current movie development, The Historian. As a professor at University of Mississippi, producer of Historia Films, and a native of Hattiesburg, Doleac sees the film being shot in Hattiesburg as truly substantial.

VISITHATTIESBURG believes that Doleac's project will only open more doors for the future of Hattiesburg.

"Film is very critical," said VISITHATTIESBURG Executive Director Rick Taylor. "You can buy an advertisement and people know that that's you saying Hattiesburg or Mississippi is great, but when they see it in a film it's authentic. Often people will come back to find the sets and look for where things were shot, Greenwood is experiencing that still from the movie The Help.

With more than 100 cast members and crews in town for several weeks, Hattiesburg local tourism industry see the positive effect and the increased general spending the movie will bring.

"Film production is a great thing for the Hattiesburg community," said Producer of The Historian Miles Doleac. "My film opens a door for future projects, for the big studios when they come in. If we can get them excited about Hattiesburg as a film location, it's going to be a huge economy boom for the Hattiesburg area."

The tentative production start will begin May 15.

The Historian already has two attachments, Academy Award nominee and Emmy winning Shohreh Aghdashloo and Colin Cunningham, who plays John Pope on TNT's Fallen Skies.

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