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WDAM Viewpoint- Opinions, Facts, and Fact Checkers

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Well the three Presidential debates and one Vice-Presidential debate have been aired.  Typically folks tend to feel like their candidate or party won regardless of what any of the pundits say.  However, in the words of Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan—"You are entitled to your opinion.  But you are not entitled to your own facts."  Now after most of the debates, we have professional "fact-checkers" who comb the transcripts of the debate to determine the veracity of statements, claims and charges made by both sides.  Unfortunately, not all fact-checkers agree.  One is reminded of former British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli's famous retort about there being three kinds of lies.  "There are lies…damned lies…and then, there are statistics."  When obviously partisan fact-checkers start debating about the meaning of a past quote or parsing words in order to make a convenient fact seem true or false the water just gets muddied all the more.   For my part…I'm just wondering who on Earth these "undecided" voters are.  This is one of the most polarizing races in modern times and the over arching philosophies are displayed in sharp contrast…fact-checkers or not.  If you haven't made up your mind by now…please…start paying attention. 

I'm Jim Cameron—let us know what's on your mind.