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Christian school students get educated on abstinence


Over 2,000 teenage girls get pregnant every day and over 10,000 teenagers are getting a sexual transmitted disease in the U.S.

In order to care today, and character tomorrow, the Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg present its abstinence program to several schools in Lamar and Forrest County such as Presbyterian Christian School. 

"This is a great program that not only teaches the students that abstinence until marriage is always the safest and healthiest policy, but it will give them freedom to pursue their goals that they've set without the risk of a teenage pregnancy and STD or emotional scarring," said Karen Morris of Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg.

Presenting Aim for Success for the ninth year, the Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg believes that the program benefit the students.

"We know that this program does change kids lives," said Aim for Success Program Manager Benjamin Smith. "We've come back to schools year after year and we'll hear stories from other students. We also do a survey at the end of every program and they get to tell us what they think of the program.

For some students at Presbyterian Christian School, the abstinence program addressed issues that were very informative.

"I think it's a good message and I think kids today do need to watch out for themselves and know what they're getting themselves into," said Senior at Presbyterian Christian School Evan Cole.

The Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg is reaching over 24,000 students in three days with the program.

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