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WDAM Viewpoint- City Stench Part Two

At the end of each editorial or commentary we invite you to tell us what you think.  And you do!  Tuesday we did a Viewpoint on the terrible odor that seems to plague downtown Hattiesburg…and has done so for years.  We've done story after story and been given a host of excuses and plans to fix the problem and yet the stench goes on…year after year. 

In the last couple of days since we ran that viewpoint, we have gotten numerous complaints that the downtown area is not the only part of town with an odor problem.  Many of you have complained about the awful smell in the Northern part of town in the vicinity of the Lake Terrace Convention Center of all places. 

It hits people coming into town and stays with them throughout their event.  I'm sure it must be a hard sell to those who have made Hattiesburg a convention and meeting site in the past when trying to get them to return.  This city has so much going for it.  Why let something that can surely be remedied leave a bad smell in people's noses.  Not to mention the residents.  There is a sewer lagoon located behind the convention center.   Something should have been done from the start to quell the smell.  Instead…the smell goes on.  Come on folks—we can do better than that. 

I'm Jim Cameron.  Let us know what you think.

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