WDAM Viewpoint- Downtown Stench

Looking through the archives here at WDAM going back for almost a decade, we have been doing stories about the stench in the downtown area of Hattiesburg.  They have been numerous. City officials have given various reasons for the stink and announced plans to remedy it.  However, the odor remains…sometimes worse than others.

The irony is that we have people organizing to revitalize downtown Hattiesburg and entrepreneurs investing in restaurants, shops and even apartments to save what was once the heartbeat of the Hub City.  The question remains, how are we going to continually draw people to live, work and play in a downtown area that smells like a sewer?  One would think the brain trust at City Hall….or experts from USM….or a paid consultant…or… somebody could come up with a definitive cause and cure for this lingering problem.  So far that hasn't happened.

We can't expect the continued revitalization of our beloved downtown area to continue unless something is done about what has become the city's foul odor.  We urge those in charge to get with the program and get something done.  It has long been past due.

I'm Jim Cameron…let us know what you think.