Legislator Briefs State Educators

In a special breakout session of the Mississippi Association of Colleges Conference Tuesday...state educators had a chance to view higher education from a legislative standpoint.
State Rep. Toby Barker briefed educators on the implications of rising tuition costs...and long term funding of state colleges and universities. Among the current pit-falls... Are how to fund public colleges when state budgets aren't expected to reach pre-recession spending levels until 2018.
Barker says, "Looking forward how do we make very strategic decisions both in terms of our funding and in our policy to increase degree attainment among adults and to better our workforce and get them ready for the jobs of tomorrow."
Representative Barker says the state is looking for stable...long-term options for financing higher education.. As funding models of the last ten and twenty years aren't meeting standards. One possibility is outcome based budgeting. The state would attach financial rewards to educational institutions that perform well in teaching success, workforce preparation, and graduation percentages
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