Former NBA Player and Philanthropist Carr Speaks at MAC

As the Mississippi Association of Colleges Convention wound to a close... keynote speaker M. L. Carr passed on encouraging stories of his own educators and motivators during the Halbrook Awards Luncheon.
Carr is a former NBA player and founder of three charitable foundations and a recipient of the Martin Luther King Jr. Image award. He reminded educators that each one of them is the result of an educator... somewhere along the way. Carr's speech segwayed into the Halbrook Awards... The recognition is given to outstanding student athletes and the state institutions that foster them. Former state representative David Halbrook and his wife established the award.
Carr says, "They really are committed to what they're doing and you see that at the MAC conference. You see the fact that these folks are really dedicated to making sure that higher education here in Mississippi is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing. Higher education."
Carr says he was invited to speak after Dr. Tommy King of William Carey attended one of Carr's speeches in Little Rock. King told him, you have to come and share that message with us.
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