New teams added to the Pine Belt area

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Twenty new teams have been added to the Pine Belt area. With six-weeks of competition, playoffs and a Super Bowl, one would only think it's a football team. Though it takes a certain mathlete to make the team.

Similar to a football league, Jones County Community College has taken the initiative and created the Bobcat Math League in hopes that more students will get involved in learning math.

"Name the one program in every high school in Mississippi that's fully funded. Name the one program where the community sponsors, funds, actively working to make it a success. What we want to do is capitalize on the fantastic job that Mississippi's football programs have done and say wait a minute, every student, boy, girls, small, large, deserves math," says commercial and industrial realtor Chris Wilson. "That's what we're about and this junior college has stepped up and said lets make it happen in these eight counties that are right here.

By working together with the high schools, JCJC success of college level math can only improve.

"We're wanting to use this also as a stage, a platform to help improve scores, SAT scores, relationships between the schools and the communities and things of that nature, says Bobcat Math League Commissioner Jessica Bunch.

JCJC believes that by making it more of a competition, the Bobcat Math League can build a fan base and more of the community can get involved and support the league.

"We know that people are passionate about competing. We're wanting to see it grow and be just as competitive as what we see in our sports," says President of JCJC Jesse Smith. "We want to see it turn our economy around and people see across the world that this place has a very special gift in understanding mathematics and how it can benefit businesses."

Over twenty high school teachers gathered at a luncheon Thursday at JCJC in support of the Bobcat Math League.

"My students are really excited, they want to stay for practice, they want to know more. When they don't do well they say well you just didn't teach us enough," says Stringer Attendance Center math teacher Michelle Green.

Just like football, the teams will have league t-shirts as well as a Twitter and Facebook page to communicate scores and upload pictures. The winner will take home cash, prizes, scholarships and trophies.

For more information and competition schedule click HERE.