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WDAM Guest Editorial- Why the Nissan plant needs a union

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My name is Morris Mock, and I've worked at the Nissan plant in Canton for 10 years, since it first opened. I'm here to explain why I want a union at Nissan.

Like all Mississippians, I'm thankful Nissan brought jobs to Canton. I love the work I do, and Nissan has provided me a good income to support my family. Then why in the world would I need a union?

Wanting a union at Nissan has nothing to do with money. I want a union so I can have a voice in the workplace, so I can help make Nissan better.  

Workers need the chance to speak up about important issues like safety in the plant and job security. We also want a say in Nissan's unfair use of temporary workers. For years, I've worked side-by-side workers who Nissan has hired through a contract agency as "temporaries." They do the exact same work as me. They build the same cars, and they go home just as tired as I do. But still, they make much less than I do, they have zero job security, and there's little chance they'll ever be hired as Nissan employees. This simply isn't fair, and I know that Nissan can do better.

This summer, a multi-cultural coalition of leaders, including our Congressman Bennie Thompson and local ministers, came out to support workers who want a union. I'm thankful because these leaders called on Nissan to allow us to have a fair election. That's all we're really asking for. So far, we have only heard why Nissan doesn't want us to have a union. But workers deserve the opportunity to make an informed decision for themselves, after hearing both sides. And we shouldn't be afraid we'll lose our jobs if we do decide a union is the best way for us.


We are both pro-union and pro-Nissan. We believe Nissan can be better – more profitable, more successful and more fair. That's what's best for the workers and their families, that's what's best for Nissan, and that's what's best for Mississippi.