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WDAM Viewpoint- War on Illiteracy Declared

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A number of mayors and officials in Jones County have come together to declare war on illiteracy…and they hope it will catch on around the state.  Prompting this action were figures released by a National Adult Literacy Survey that paint an alarming picture.  According to the study twenty-eight percent of Jones County Adults over the age of 16 either can't read at all…or read very poorly.  In the WDAM viewing area here are some astounding statistics:  in Covington County 33 percent can't read and 69 percent can't fill out a job application.  In Forrest the numbers are 26 percent who can't read and 55 percent can't fill out a job application. Marion is 32 and 69.  Wayne…33 and 71, Lamar 18 and 45 percent, Perry County posted numbers of 29 percent and 65 percent…and in Jasper County 39percent can't read and 76 percent are incapable of filling out a job application.  More than 54 percent of the adults in Mississippi are at the lowest two levels of functional literacy proficiency.  How can our state ever get ahead with literacy numbers like these?  How can one even function without the ability to read or fill out a job application?  We urge organizations and officials to make literacy programs a top priority throughout our area and state.  Otherwise the outlook for our state remains bleak. 

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