The ARC in need of residents help for golf drop

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - We'll it may not be New Years, but the ball with be dropping Monday. Not just one, but over six-hundred of them, which is less than last years number.

The ARC will be hosting its 8th annual golf ball drop Monday night at The Canebrake Country Club but need Pine Belt residents support in order to be able to help many children and adults with developmental disabilities. Unlike last year, the ARC still needs to sell hundreds of more golf balls in order to meet their goal.

"We'll never sell more than one-thousand balls, we're a little short of what we did last year, were at six-hundred and eighty balls right now and we really need to hit that eight-hundred mark in order for this to be a profitable for all our programs," says ARC Board of Director Sue Gallaspy. "This is our biggest fundraiser each year and without your help we will not be able to fully fund all of our programs."

The ARC provides school care, art and pottery classes, summer programs and even a show choir to many children and adults with development disabilities.

It's not too late to purchase a golf ball, to order online go HERE.

To pay credit by phone call 601-268-9334, golf balls can be purchased until 4 p.m. Monday before the event starts at 6 p.m.