Hub city man reaches goal by turning 100 years old

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Last week we reported on a story about a Hattiesburg man who celebrated his 100th birthday but we forgot to mention one of his main goals in life.

Joined by many friends and family last Sunday, Tom Caldwell enjoyed a day that not many get to celebrate. Unfortunately, two days after his 100th birthday Tom passed away in his sleep at his local home Provision Living, but didn't leave without accomplishing his last goal.

"I had an opportunity to speak with Tom that Sunday after his birthday and he called me over and he said 'James I'm ready to go home to be with the Lord, I just want to tell you good-bye.' And that's what he told me and I accepted it and a day later he went home to be with the Lord," says close friend James Duncan. "The people that knew him knew he was determined to make it to one-hundred years of age and that's what he did."

Tom Caldwell leaves behind 16 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, 6 children and a wife.