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Pay raises still on the table in Hattiesburg budget


"The revenue needs to grow, so that we can do things better,"said Hattiesburg City Council President Bradley.

Bradley has long term concerns when it comes the city's budget.

"We need to spend a couple to $3 million a year, we need to,"said Bradley.

Bradley says that's the number the city needs to keep up paving for city streets, clean up road ways, and city landscaping. Bradley admits he wishes the city could do more upkeep, but understand the revenue is not there.

"It just takes money, that is what it is, it just takes money,"said Bradley.

City department heads presented the figures they need to the council, Monday night. Some good news, Bradley says the city of Hattiesburg won't be increasing its millage. Bad news, there will be a millage increase for property owners within the Hattiesburg.

"It has to do with some debt retirement, and then also to fund a short fall note,"said Bradley.

Pay raises for city employees were up for another discussion, more than 700 employees receiving $1,040 increase a year.

"The percentage is greater for those on the lower end, on the lower pay scale, and then for those who are making more money, obviously it's not as great of a percentage."

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