Local Grandparents take it to the dragstrip to help Grandson

It's not an easy question, but what if someone you love didn't have long to live?? What would you do?? In this case, local grandparents go to the extent of taking it to the dragstrip, and all to help their grandson Jacob.

"We're raising money for my grandson that has a disease called Tay-sachs, it's a muscle deterioration that's basically what it's about, says Grandfather Jeffrey Jones. "We're just trying to raise money for all the traveling they have to do."

At only 2-years old, Jacob Alan Lee Jones has a terminal genetic disease that usually results in death by the age of four. Known as Tay-sachs, the rare disease causes deterioration of mental and physical abilities.

"There is no current treatment or any cure for this disease," says Grandmother Melinda Jones. "They are going every three months to Minnesota, Minneapolis to a specialist there and they're giving him some experimental drugs that are treating the symptoms but they will not ultimately cure him."

At such a young age, the disease prevents Jacob from walking, talking or even swallowing. Being paralyzed and hooked up to a feeding tube, Jacob can hardly see or even hear anything as well.

"He has extensive doctor bills, they go to some doctor every single day. They have physical therapy three times a week, they have water therapy three times a week, they have massage therapy, chiropractors, neurologists, optical. Every part of your body basically he has a doctor on his team at UAB in Birmingham," says Melinda.

Although living in the Pine Belt area and many miles away from Jacob, thanks to his grandparents fundraising, he gets a little more help with his medical expenses.

"I don't think that there's anyone that can say they've done too much for a cause like this and I mean, you know that's what we're here for, we want to help this child. You know we appreciate everybody being involved," says Joe Moore from the Southern Gassers Association.

The longest living child with Tay-sachs disease is known to have live 7 - 8 years, but usually the child only lives to see age 4.

If you would like to help Jacob, an account has been set up at Regions Bank under the name of Jacob Allen Lee Jones Benefit Fund.