Pride of the Pine Belt: Local singer's talent spreads beyond hometown

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - "I remember my first song in church probably age six," said Purvis native, Charles Carter.

Carter recalls the response he received from the crowd that day.

"It always helps when people respond to what you are doing. So, as the audience got involved in what I was doing, ya know, you just kinda go,'Oh, ok, this is alright!' So,you just go on from there," said Carter.

Carter says he realized his gift of singing the day he learned an important lesson from his aunt, who is also a singer.

"She said don't get your head all swollen because people applaud you, or say things to you about how well you did. It will be those same people who will be the one to criticize and ridicule you," said Carter.

He continued singing just for the joy of it, as a hobby, and over time people began contacting Carter interested in hiring him for his talents.

"It just went from there. I played in bands back in the late '70s, through the '80s," said Carter.

Carter says as his talent grew so did his notoriety throughout the Pine Belt, singing for events like: Homes of Hope for Children, fundraiser's for breast cancer, and The American Heart Association.

"I just found out that people tweet about where I'm going to be, they text, you know, they facebook. They say,"Hey, I'm over here with Charles. Come over," said Carter.

Carter says thanks to word of mouth, requests for his talent are coming from beyond the Pine belt and the state.

"Orlando, Florida, Atlanta, Texas. I actually performed in New Orleans for a year and a half at a place right next door to the House of Blues. I have stories of people going down there and coming back to my show, because they said mine is the better show than they were getting at the house of blues,"said Carter.

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