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Debilitating Brain Condition Survivor Becomes budding Novelist

"I've never in my life been that physical and mentally and spiritually broken", says Brandi Perry of Columbia when remembering the day she was diagnosed with a rare, debilitation brain disorder.

In 2009, Perry was told she had a Key R E Malformation which causes the brainstem and spinal cord to fuse. She was rushed into surgery at St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson. Having lost the ability to perform any basic functions; Perry went through an intensive physical therapy regimen just to relearn to walk. However, it was during this period she decided to write.

"After I got home from the hospital I had a few ideas about books I wanted to write. I think a lot of it had to do with, now, I had time to write." Said Perry. She had been an English teacher for five years, but hadn't thought of really writing until this traumatic ordeal.

And write she did...Perry has written 3 novels since 2009, Starting with Wayward Justice. "And then A Whisper on the Bayou which I have been very fortunate with. That is now my bestseller, and is also it's being turned into a movie which hopefully we'll know more about next year."

Brandi Perry just released her 3rd book, Buried Cries and says even though her inspiration stems from the lowest point in her life. She wouldn't trade the experience for anything. Perry says, "Definitely a struggle. I've learned a lot about being denied something. But when you really, really work hard for something you can achieve anything." 

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