Chief Deputy Sheriff gives tour of new Forrest County Jail

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - "It's designed to be tight,"said Chief Deputy Sheriff of Forrest County Charles Bolton.

A room containing three computers is the brain, so to speak, of the new Forrest County Jail.

"It runs the whole facility," said Bolton.

According to Bolton, this state of the art computer system controls anything from the locks, lights, even the water. Bolton says in case of an emergency this place could be locked down with just a click of the mouse.

"Everything that happens, happens in that central control room,"said Bolton.

Where there is technology there needs to be training. Bolton says deputies, and staff are training day and night to make sure this place is secure, and operation is smooth.

"As you know, there are glitches in anything so we want to just make sure we got everything in place,"said Bolton.

Bolton explained the old jail could only hold 155 inmates, and the new jail increases capacity to more than 600 for both minimal and maximum security inmates. Bolton says there are plans for the extra room in the new jail.

"You see we have some gaps, but we hope to fill them soon with contracts with the federal government to hold some federal prisoners in the process," said Bolton.

Visitation will change for inmates. Monday through Thursday officials will allow visits for certain cell blocks, but they will take place in rooms that look a lot like cells, and inmates will have to talk through phones.

"It's a safety measure. You don't want to get something in and get somebody hurt,"said Bolton.

Bolton says by next week administrative offices will completely move over to the new jail, and once everything is in place, Bolton says they will move inmates a couple of cells at a time the following week.

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