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WDAM Viewpoint- Another year since 9/11/01

For most of us the past year has been—well—just another year…filled with the business of living, loving, struggling, triumphs and disappointments.  For those who lost family members and loved ones it has been another year of grief.  That would continue to hold true for the survivors of those approximately 3-thousand innocent people killed on 9-11.  It would be a shameful thing if all Americans—and indeed all humanity—didn't still grieve and harbor, not a since of bitterness, but outrage at the senseless taking of so many innocent lives.  Not only that, but that horrific deed perpetrated by Muslim extremists led by a mad man who has finally been delivered to his just reward by Seal Team Six, has spawned wars and other terrorist acts that have caused the deaths of several thousand brave service men and women.  In this day of short memories and sensory overload…we should never forget what 9/11 meant and vow to do everything within our power to keep it from happening again.  Having said that, we do salute the organizers of the nine-eleven commemoration service at ground zero for making this a non-political event.  This happened to all our nation---and should never be politicized. 

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