Fillingane disappointed in Justice Department Texas Voter ID ruling

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - State Senator Joey Fillingane says he is disappointed by a recent Justice Department ruling on the Texas Voter ID law.

A federal judge stuck down the law calling it an undue burden on poor African Americans and Hispanics.

Mississippi voters overwhelmingly voted to require voter id-d in 2011. The law would require people to have a government issue photo to vote. Under federal law, any changes to state elections must be approved must be approved by the Justice Department or Federal Court.

Fillingane says he feels the Justice Department is taking a narrow and dim view on voter ID laws across the country.

I think it's such a flippant view not having to prove who you are before casting a ballot. It's a little ridiculous in 2012," said Fillingane. "We're still fighting that battle and we're still watching the process as it goes through."

Fillingane says ultimately the matter will be solved by the U.S. Supreme Court not only for Texas, but for many different states including Mississippi.

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