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Pride of Pine Belt: Laurel couple spreads mission

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"What Gina and I have done for 16 years is we have dressed up like homeless people. We go to a church, spend the night in the churches parking lot, or on the grass somewhere. We are out in front of the church when the church crowd comes, and we get to see how they treat homeless people," said Richard Headrick.

Richard and Gina Headrick say church goers ignore them mostly, appear uncomfortable at the sight of them, or just walk the other direction.

"We go into the church, me and the pastor have some dialogue, he gets me up in front of the church, and I preach a message on Christian kindness," said Richard Headrick.

Then, the Headricks say they get a different reaction.

"They slide down in the pew. They start crying. You have a mixture of emotions, but people  are torn up," said Gina Headrick.

Richard and Gina do this all across the country. So, how does this Laurel couple find the time and funding to perform what they call their mission.

"Well, Gina and I own a company called The Headrick's Company, which is Headrick Sign Company, Headrick Outdoor, up in Laurel," said Richard Headrick.

If you talk to the Headricks long enough, they'll tell you they have been happily married for 19 years, and they say they've had one disagreement within those years.

"The Lord has been really good to Richard and Gina. He has blessed our business, and he has prospered us wonderfully," said Richard Headrick.

They feel it is their job to pay it forward and help others.

"We're founders of The Hope Foundation, which works with missionaries, and leper colonies in Vietnam. Then we have a ministry called Hell Fighters, which is a motorcycle ministry. One called Mission at the Cross, which is a recovery center for those who are alcoholics drug addicts, guys that are just done on their luck," said Richard Headrick.

Now, they are taking their mission to the big screen. It started with their book about keeping Christ in Christmas, and after five years, help from friends with connections in Hollywood they produce "The Last Ounce of Courage".

"The message of the movie is to get Christians to get up off the pew, and get out there and do something for god and country. To make a stand to be bold," said Richard Heardrick.

If you would like to see what "The Last Ounce of Courage" is all about, it will premiere at the Grand Theater in Hattiesburg September 11. It will also premier in Laurel at Sawmill Cinema 5 on September 11th for one night and then back for a full run Friday, September 14th.

It will also show at 1200 theaters across the country on September 14.