WDAM Viewpoint- Precautions against West Nile

The American College of Emergency Physicians is concerned about this being the worst outbreak of West Nile Virus in the nation's history.  We've already lost 2 people to the virus in the Pine Belt and there have been a number of additional cases.   West Nile is carried by mosquitos and the E.R. physicians urge the following precautions:

--Use the mosquito repellant such as DEET when going outdoors and uncovered—especially around dawn or dusk.  However ask a physician before using on young children and never use on infants under 2 months old.

--Get rid of any standing water around your property.

--Use screens to keep mosquitos out of the house.

--Don't handle dead birds.

West Nile Virus is serious…and we live in one of the 5 states that have seen 75 percent of the cases in this year's outbreak.  So, take precautions and—if you think you may have it—see a doctor.  I'm Jim Cameron—let us hear from you.